About Us

We like travelling as a mean of learning something. Something about the world surrounding and ourselves.
In an age where every corner of the planet is within easy reach and every experience is easily obtainable with money, we value the meaning of details. Because every great travel can start as soon as you cross your front door.

riccardoRiccardo: records moments on paper, never leaves the house without a notebook and a pen.

  •  Loves narrow alleys, old flaky wall signs and authentic bars and restaurants.
  • Hates anodyne bars with white shirt waiters and dark red awnings.


Martina: she’s the one without any decent picture of herself as she wouldn’t lend her camera for any reason, especially to Riccardo! She considers photography the best way to measure time, whether it is a unique instant to capture forever or the hours spent chasing the best view on subjects.


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After being in Rome a few times without even looking at the Coliseum I realised that there's more to travel than sightseeing: meeting the local culture is what, 10 years later, determined the birth of this blog.

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