Berlin Street Art: Graffiti and Weird Stuff

Berlin streetart kreutzberg
Berlin’s lively underground art scene is surely one of its more prominent characteristics : street art and graffiti are to be found anywhere in the city, walking along its streets you’ll be constantly surprised. From huge murales covering the whole side of a house to the tiniest of details, from the best graffiti artist to the most obscure and upcoming minds. It’s difficult to track them all, some are so tiny and, by nature, impermanent. Here is a list of our favourite ones, where possible I’ll give you the address and the artist name… let me know if I got any of them wrong!


The most popular Street Art in our photos, and where to find it:

  • Pink Man (Blu), Oberbaum Brücke / Falckensteinstraße
  • Clessidra (Blu), Oberbaum Brücke / Falckensteinstraße
  • Yellow Man (Os Gemeos), Oppelner Straße
  • Astronaut Cosmonaut (Victor Ash), Mariannenstraße
  • Hanging Dead Animals (ROA), Oranienstrasse / Manteuffelstrasse
  • East and West (Blu), Curvystraße
  • Handcuffs (Blu), Curvystraße
  • Murales (HuskMitNavn), Görlitzer Straße
  • Rounded Heads (Nomad), Oppelner Straße
  • The Lads (London Police), Wrangel Straße / Curvy Straße


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