ROA: a Pleasant Encounter

Recently I’ve grown a fondness in street art; living in London and frequently visiting Sheffield and Berlin is like being in a huge outdoor museum,constantly changing and evolving through new ideas and well established artists.

In the latter group belongs one of my favourites: ROA, famous for his giant black and white animals. His work can be seen pretty much all over the world and so far I’ve spotted it in London’s East End, in Berlin‘s Kreuzberg and Warsaw.  But never, ever, would I have expected to see one of his graffiti at the train station of my home town in Italy.

A little pretty conservative city locked between lake and mountain, has never distinguished itself for creativity and innovation, but fortunately an event called Lecco Street Art View 2013 managed to get the Belgian artist to the Clooney-less shore of our lake for this beautiful piece:

ROA in Lecco Italy

Monochromatic bird by ROA in Lecco

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After being in Rome a few times without even looking at the Coliseum I realised that there's more to travel than sightseeing: meeting the local culture is what, 10 years later, determined the birth of this blog.

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