Tips for a Visit to Rome

Bridge in Rome

Accommodation and Transport

For your accommodation I recommend to get a room in rione Monti, the area between Termini Station and the Coliseum. Conveniently located and central, though still traditionally inhabited by Romans and rich of musical and cultural events.
Many rooms are available on AirBnB, if you aren’t registered yet do it here to get a discount on your first reservation.

Public transport in Rome is famous for being not too efficient. You will probably need it to reach the area you intend to visit, and from there you’d be mostly walking. The costs of tickets and pass: Single €1.50, day pass €6.00, 3 days €16.50, 1 week €24.00, 10 tickets “carnet” €14.00. Probably a “carnet” to share could be the best option.

Vespa in RomeCycling could be a valid alternative, and there are many private company offering a reliable service. Otherwise you can live the dream and get a , which is arguably the best way to move around Rome. Bici&Baci offers both option.

Roma Pass

I’m not a big fan of city passes but if you intend to visit several museums this is good to jump the queues:
Valid for 3 days guarantees free entry to the first two museums visited, and reduced fee for all the others.
Unlimited free public transport for the duration of the pass.
It costs €36 and it’s worth it only if you’re planning to visit at least 4-5 museums…Vatican not included!

Food and water

Save money on lunch: unless you know exactly where to go you might get ripped off for a mediocre meal. Pack a sandwich for lunch or get a slice of pizza “al trancio” on the go!

Foursquare can be very handy for finding a place or reading reviews and getting recommendations. I’ve created a list for Rome, check it out!

Don’t buy expensive water from the shops Rome is plenty of fountains dispensing fresh drinkable water …bring your own bottle and refill it! You’ll also do the planet a big favour.

Rome tourists

Enjoy your visit in Rome!

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After being in Rome a few times without even looking at the Coliseum I realised that there's more to travel than sightseeing: meeting the local culture is what, 10 years later, determined the birth of this blog.

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