Milan, aka the fashion capital of Italy, doesn’t necessary need to be grey, dull, fashionable and uptight as it is depicted. It hides a vibrant side, rich of history, passion and originality making it a unique example of a city serving as bridge between the northern european and the mediterranean cultures.

Live Milan Like a Local


Map of my favourite places

The Weather: When to Visit

When people ask me if I don’t miss the Italian weather here in the UK they are clearly thinking of somewhere further south along the boot. The average precipitations volume in Milan is double than London and the temperatures can go from below zero to 40°C. I would suggest to steer clear of July as the heat can be debilitating (there’s nothing much to do anyway), and perhaps avoid the autumn months too as it can rain incessantly. Winter can be very cold but crisp and a good day of spring is the best that can happen to you in Milan.

Tram in Milan

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After being in Rome a few times without even looking at the Coliseum I realised that there's more to travel than sightseeing: meeting the local culture is what, 10 years later, determined the birth of this blog.

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