Visiting Iceland

A living earth made of mighty falls, geysers and volcanoes. When they called it “the land of ice and fire” they truly meant it.

Dismaland Photo Gallery

A photographic journey inside Dismaland – Banksy’s Theme Park – and Weston-Super-Mare, home of Tropicana, Birnbeck Pier and endless summer fun.

Grattifi in Lyon

Deceiving art in Lyon

Street art is not just those cool ubiquitous Banksy or other funky modern artists but it can also be tremendously elegant in a very classic form. And where else can you find this if not in France?

Coloured sunny tiles, Algarve

Three days in Algarve, a little break in the sun in Faro Tavira and Sagres, surrounded by colourful towns, interesting characters, great food and the ocean. Here is a selection of photos of our favourite moments

Chilean Ventanas

Chile, although being not as flamboyant as its South American neighbours, fed our eyes with some impressive display. Here we collected the details of colourful, flaky, sparkly, rusty windows.

Tulips in Keukenhof park

All the Tulips of the World

I’ve never thought that there could be so many different types of tulips. Not that I ever dedicated much time thinking of tulips but the variety of shapes, sizes and colours at the Keukenhof park was shocking.

Warsaw street art photos

Winter Warsaw

We only spent a weekend in Warsaw and during a quiet and cold period, but still we witnessed so much unexpected beauty. This is one of the most underestimated places in Europe… see it yourself in these pictures.

Marrakech market: spices souq

Morocco on the road

Colours, shades, people and lights. Follow our trip across Morocco from the mountains to the desert by way of many souqs. If only we could post the smells with these photos!

Old theatre in Sheffield

Haunted Cinema

Visiting a place abandoned for years is like travelling back in time. Come with us in this old theatre in Sheffield, and meet the ghosts of times long gone

Coloured cities

10 Cities in Technicolor

Burano, Valparaiso and many more. Come and see the pictures of the most eye-watering places we’ve travelled to. Have you visited them? Which is your favourite?