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Poor but sexy is probably the most commonly associated tag to Berlin. And yes I find the city incredibly sexy, but not poor. I find it rich of culture, history, modernity and of a youthfyul and energetic vibe that doesn’t find a match in all the other cities I know.
You can visit a wall memorial in the morning and sing to raucous outdoor karaoke in the afternoon, sip a home roasted coffee while thinking of a new startup before heading to a round-the-clock party.

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Weather in Berlin: When to Go?

I might have watched a poor selection of movies but my idea of Berlin has always been of an ice-cold grey coffin. I was surprised to find a more temperate weather, averaging around 8°C in the end of December and around 16°C during other visits in October and April. I might have been lucky but it’s true that temperatures in Berlin fluctuates between 4°C in winter and 25°C in summer. Surely spring is the best season, the city stretches its limbs to the first suns and people crowds riverside cafés. If you get a dry week also autumn can be ideal, cycling in the parks covered in yellow-brown leaves.

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