Tuk-tuk in LIsbon

Tuk-tuk: the most annoying thing in Lisbon?

The peaceful Moorish alleys of Lisbon are invading by stinky and noisy tuk-tuks dragging a heavy load of tourists. Is it really necessary? Is it possible to promote tourism in a city without destroying it in the process?

Dismaland Photo Gallery

A photographic journey inside Dismaland – Banksy’s Theme Park – and Weston-Super-Mare, home of Tropicana, Birnbeck Pier and endless summer fun.

Shaky mermaid in Dismaland

Dismaland: Banksy’s Nightmare by the Sea

Banksy’s new ambitious project, an art fair shaped as a theme park, is a great display of art works, an entitlement of subversive artists and, I suspect, also there’s more to Dimaland that hits the eye.

Packing food tips

What Food to Pack Before Travelling

As much as we like to taste the local delicacies, on longer trips food might have a heavy impact on our budget. Bringing food will help saving money for other activities, but it has to be nutritious, light, easy to carry and, possibly, tasty!

Liebster Award logo

Liebster Award Nomination

We’ve been granted a Liebster awards…but what is it? Find it out, read our interview and check out our nominations!

Hand Writing

Handwriting and Trains

A piece of paper throw in a bin, a moment I still carry with me so many year. Writing for its own sake and travelling by train…

Weitd seafood in Lisbon

Cervejaria Ramiro: a Fishy Restaurant

There are many good places to eat in Lisbon, with a quality / price ratio ranking amongst the best in Europe. However we managed to find an incredibly disappointing restaurant. Find out why.