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What is the Liebster Award

Liebster Award is a prize from bloggers to other bloggers, even though I’m not sure I understood exactly how this all started. It’s a nice way to support other fellow bloggers, especially those who just started and would need some more readers. Who nominated us? Urska from Endless Travel, it’s a good blog and she made some fine pictures which I suggest you to check out.


Urska’s questions

1. Why did you start your travel blog and what’s unique about it?
R: This blog is just the electronic version of the countless notes I’ve been taken on paper over many years. With a blog it’s easier to reach a wider audience, and it’s an efficient way to save the stories I write. What makes it different I think are Martina’s photos and the fact we always try to explore the local culture, often meeting something unusual.


2. Is there a destination or a single travel event that really changed you?
R: As a couple I think our road trip through Morocco determined our style of travelling together. Coming from many years of solo travelling it might be difficult to adjust as a couple but Morocco just did the job for us.

Market in Morocco

3. Is there a destination that you wish to never visit?
R: I have some destinations ranking quite low in my list, but none on the black list perhaps. I’m not very attracted by big modern cities such as Singapore or Dubai
M: I think that every part of the world is worthy to be visited, but some places are more interesting than others in my priority list.

4. Do you collect anything on travels? Is there something that you always bring home with you?
We have lots of trash-fridge magnet and flag patches for my backpack. We always try to purchase some piece or art created by a local artist, it’s a unique souvenir, it helps support the community and it’s a living piece of story in your home. Martina likes to collect typical flowers and let them dry in our guide books.

5. Did you ever attend any famous festival while travelling?
Not really, we prefer to avoid big events as they tend to de-personalise the experience of visiting.

6. Is there any particular sport you like to do while travelling?
Sport? Oh dear…I barely do any at home either. Or does moving around by bike count?

7. What’s the funniest experience from your travels?
M: Definitely the trip in Morocco…….

8. What’s the weirdest / dirtiest place you’ve slept in?
R: The weirdest has to be a hallway of a subterranean bunker in Switzerland. I was sitting on a desk leaning with my forehead on a lead water pipe.
M: The dirtiest was for me the entrance of Malaga railway station in Spain during my inter-rail with few friends. We arrived there after 5 days without shower and we woke up covered in dust. I wish I could be able to travel like that again 🙂

9. Who’s the most interesting person that you met on your travels?
M: Ramon wins this prize. We met him during our excursion to Tierra del Fuego and we fell in love with him. We listened to all his stories about life, work and decadence of that isolated land. It was like having a good old friend sharing with you what life has taught him and giving precious piece of advice.

Tierra fuego
Photo bombing

10. What did you learn while travelling? Is there any tip or advice that you can share?
M: The best thing while travelling, especially when you have planned to spend enough days in the same place, is to close your guide, GPS and maps, and just get lost, trusting only your sense of orienteering and local people advice. In our opinion this is the best way to deeply enjoy the cultural diversity.

Our nominations

Here’s a list of fellow bloggers that we would like to nominate for the Liebster Award:

Kasha of Line of Escape

Gil of LookLeft

Annalisa of Viaggiovagando

Colleen of Colleen Brynn Travels

Mariah of The Barefoot Beat

I recommend you to go and read them, and stalk them on their social profiles as they are always generous of advices, stories and photos.If any of them can find some time between unpacking their bag and packing for the next trip, here’s some questions from us…

Our questions

1. Let’s break the ice with a classic: how did your blog start?

2. Do you prefer writing on paper or typing on a computer?

3. How is a new article born?

4. What is the main focus of your articles?

5. What’s the first thing you seek in a new destination?

6. Which mean of transport do you prefer when travelling?

7. What’s the strangest encounter during a trip?

8. What your next, most exciting project?

9. How do you gather information before a trip?

10. When did you feel the closest to the local culture while travelling?

2 thoughts on “Liebster Award Nomination”

  1. Thank you for the kind nomination – I really appreciate it! I’m always pleasantly surprised when people think of me for these things. You have a beautiful blog. I will be reading more when I am settled at the end of my trip, but for now I am living in the moment and enjoying the time with loved ones. 🙂

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