Hand Writing

Handwriting and Trains

A piece of paper throw in a bin, a moment I still carry with me so many year. Writing for its own sake and travelling by train…

Black Cat London

Of Phoenix and London

There are moments when you need to get out of London, when the chaotic streets, the noise, the people and the smells become too overwhelming. Fortunately you don’t need to leave town, but you can have a quick fix at one of the numerous green areas, some of which are very small and hidden. I’m […]

Two on four wheels Travel Blog

Two on Four Wheels: a Bitter Sweet Tale

  I came across this website by chance. I was looking for something else, when an article about the death of two cycle tourists popped in the google search page. Since then their website has been a fixed feature in my browser, I can’t just close it down, I don’t want it to get lost in […]