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Two on Four Wheels: a Bitter Sweet Tale


I came across this website by chance. I was looking for something else, when an article about the death of two cycle tourists popped in the google search page. Since then their website has been a fixed feature in my browser, I can’t just close it down, I don’t want it to get lost in the oblivion of the overcrowded cyber section of my mind.

The story is just fascinating, a mixture of romance, adventure and tragedy. On the website there’s plenty of interesting tales of exotic places, but there is an eerie atmosphere all over it. Knowing what happened it’s awkward to read some of their words,  some of the comments, or visiting the ominous “roadkill” photo album. And that part that says “We’re in…” with a Thailand flag underneath, is a punch in the stomach every time I see it.

Two on Four Wheels Mary and Pete

Mary and Peter’s story is indeed impressing: they spent six years saving, planning and getting ready for this trip, cycling around the world. When I think how shattered I was when I cycled from London to Amsterdam I struggle to imagine how much they must have trained for this!
As today two years ago (12 July 2011), they were about to leave their hometown on Guernsey Island (a little island in the Channel) heading towards the other side of the world. And back.

Despite the tragic ending on the streets of Thailand, I think that there’s a lot to learn from their adventure. They’ve been through some really exciting (read: scary) situations and I love browsing through their pictures. The point of this whole article is to keep their memory alive and invite you to visit their website, hoping you’ll find it as touching and inspiring:

Two on four wheels

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