Public Transport in Berlin, how to move around and how much is it for a ticket

Berlin: CityTourCard or Welcome Card?

Travel card, Berlin Welcome Card, City Tour Card… which one to choose? Here you’ll find a simple breakdown to help you choose the best pass for Berlin to save time and money.

Our Favourite Restaurants in Amsterdam

There is no shortage of excellent restaurants in Amsterdam ranging from traditionally influenced Dutch dining establishments to International eateries that offer global cuisine and cater to about any culinary taste out there. To help you find your favorite place to eat and experience the diverse culinary scene here, we’ve put together a list of the […]

Tuk-tuk in LIsbon

Tuk-tuk: the most annoying thing in Lisbon?

The peaceful Moorish alleys of Lisbon are invading by stinky and noisy tuk-tuks dragging a heavy load of tourists. Is it really necessary? Is it possible to promote tourism in a city without destroying it in the process?

Abandoned restaurant in Lisbon

Food in Lisbon: Where and What to Eat

Eating well in Lisbon is a simple task but it helps to have a list of nice restaurants to try. We’ve done our best to try them all, and here’s the result

Bullys Bakery Cafe Berlin

Where to find the best coffee in Berlin

Some of the best coffee in Berlin, can be found in Kreuzberg and north Neukölln. I tried to visit as many cafés my nervous system could take. Or perhaps one or two more.

Iceland free Travel Guides

Iceland: What’s the best travel guide?

Choosing the right travel guide and map is crucial for the quality of your trip. We weren’t happy with our choice and this is what we’ll do next time we’re in Iceland

Coloured sunny tiles, Algarve

Three days in Algarve, a little break in the sun in Faro Tavira and Sagres, surrounded by colourful towns, interesting characters, great food and the ocean. Here is a selection of photos of our favourite moments

Martina at the horse riding farm

Iceland Day 11: Horseriding in Vik

I was expecting a true connection between man and horse, instead the only thing that connected me with Ypis was that neither of us wanted to be there, doing that. This is just a hint of how we enjoyed horse riding in Iceland