Riding citybike in Vienna

Citybike Wien: Vienna’s bike rental scheme

Vienna’s own citybike is an ideal way to explore the city: it’s cheaper than the public transport and, given the reduced size of the city, a very fast way to move around. It takes little more than 30 minutes to go from Museum Quarter to the Prater, and a ride along the canal, admiring the graffiti all the way to Hundertwasser’s waste incineration plant, is highly recommended.

Riding citybike in Vienna

A wise choice

The best thing to do is to sign up in advance online. You’ll have to register on their website, providing your credit/debit card details. Once you’ve done that you’ll have an account number and a password (pro tip: choose a short password!).

If you don’t do that you can always register at any Citybike Terminal, but you’ll still need a card.

How to use Citybike Wien

Citybike Vienna logoTo pick up a bike you’ll have to insert your card in the terminal, select one of the bikes available and digit the password. To return it you’ll simply have to put the bike back in an empty slot, until the light on the bikebox is steady green.

Although the service is great, the stations are not exactly around every other corner and not always have enough bikes or empty slots. If the station is empty (or it’s full and you’re trying to return your bike) you can check on the terminal the nearest stations available.

How much is for the bike rental?

The registration fee is just 1 euro and the 1st hour of every ride is free of charge. In order to “reset” your free hour you’ll have to wait 15 minutes after depositing the bike. If you keep a bike for longer than that you will be charged a hourly rate:

Hourly rates Vienna bike rental

(rates might vary, double check the official site first: www.citybikewien.at)

Other options

If you don’t want to hop from one Citybike station to another or simply want to use a different bike, there are plenty of private bike rental options in Vienna.
We suggest you to get in touch with the guys at Brillantengrund: a great hotel, a Filipino restaurant and also bike rental.

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