Best beaches in Cres

6 Hidden Beaches in Cres

A proven equation says that the best beaches on Cres Island are the least accessible. With the exception of Cres town own beach, the other are located near remote villages, surrounded by rocks and vegetation, and can be reached walking (usually a good half hour) from the village all the way down to the sea level (don’t forget to pack you walking shoes). Your efforts will be rewarded by some lovely gravelly beach, nested between rocky cliffs and blue/green water. If you get there quite early (before 9 am) you might as well be the first visitors and feel temporarily castaways.

Best beaches in Cres

The troubles reaching these little lovely stretches of beach implies that there are no facilities such as bars, restaurants… toilets! Bring with you all you need for a long day by the sea.

Sadly, in August, your heavenly corner will be soon spoiled by an invasion of boats, ranging from small motorboats to big yachts. Usually arriving mid morning they will ruthlessly park few meters away from the shore. The best to avoid this is to visit Cres not in high season, and camp overnight in the bushes around the beach, enjoying the peace and silence of dawn.

Our favourite hidden beaches in Cres


Beach in Cres

Cres and Gavza

Beach in Gavza, CresIf you’re lodging at the town of Cres, you can walk to the beach in minutes. The first section is the most lively, with bars, restaurant and market stalls, then follows the camp site (Camp Kovacine). This part of the beach is busting with tourists and locals, not ideal for a relaxing swim. If you don’t want to be in an arm’s reach from the next towel you might want to keep walking to Gavza along a path that is smooth enough for cycling. You’ll get to a bay surrounded by shady olive trees, but it’s plenty of rocks where you can stop along the way.

An alternative would be to drive or cycle to the opposite side of the bay, facing Cres town. The last bit of the road is quite rough and uneven, so it’s better to make sure that your mean of transport is up for that. Once there the only problem would be to decide which of the rocks and tiny bays to choose.


Lubenice and the Blue Cave

Lubenice beach, cres

The only way to reach this beach via land is from Lubenice, a little old town perched on top of a rocky hill. From there you’ll have a long walk to the sea, be careful: the last bit is a steep scree and, not that I personally tried, but walking there with just a pair of beach shoes is not easy. I think. A few minutes in the descent the path forks, both ways get to a beach but the Blue Cave is to the left one. However painful the walk might be it will be easily forgotten once the beach is reached. If you follow the rule of getting there by 9 you might even be the first visitor.

If you don’t want to bring food provisions for the day you might have lunch on one of the boats that take tourists along the coasts and stop at this beach to let people visit the Blue Cave and dive from the cliffs. The lunch (roughly €10 per person) can be booked in Cres town the day before.

As mentioned the best attraction of this beach is the Blue Cave. Swimming along the half moon bay to the left you’ll find the entrance. Swim in there (mind your head!) and after a few meters of darkness you’ll find yourself under a light blue flickering ceiling. The best moment to see this water and sun magic is the first hours of the afternoon.

Sunset in Lubenice
You totally should stop in Lubenice and wait for the sunset


When you’re tired of laying on a bed of rocks and pebbles you can head to this amazing sand beach. You can reach it from Meli with a 30 minutes walk but the path is not clearly signed (at least it wasn’t in 2012 on our last visit). That helps preventing an invasion of beach goers but be careful and don’t get lost yourself!
The water is shallow and crystal clear, and all around the beach there’s no much vegetation so it’ll be hard to find a shady area to take a break form the sun.

Meli Sandy Beach
The sandy beach of Meli, Cres Island


Located near to the reserve hosting a colony of griffon vultures, Beli is a small lovely village offering a spartan campsite and a small beach on the east side of the island. The sun reaches it until the first hours of the afternoon and the water is slightly colder than the rest of the island.
Immersed in the nature you will probably only hear sheep bleating and their tin bells rattling. If you’re brave enough you can climb the rocks in search of the many other smaller beaches, usually deserted, and peacefully observe dolphins jumping out of the water and griffons quietly flying circles.

Griffon vultures in Croatia
Relax, they’re not after you


If you’re not afraid of getting sunburnt and you don’t want to see an inch of shade for the whole day, then your ideal beach is Mali Bok, close to Orlec. As for the above mentioned places, also here you’ll have to leave your car in town and walk all the way down to the beach. The view from above and the clear emerald water will fully compensate the effort of walking back uphill. And if this is not enough, tuck in a tasty lamb dish at the restaurant, also called Mali Bok, and all the efforts will be forgotten.

Mali Bok Beach, Orlec, Cres, Croatia
Still a long way down to Mali Bok beach


Located at the southern end of the island, close to Lošinj, the beach of Ustrine is similar to the other beaches seen so far: parking at the nearest town and walking downhill to the sea. The difference is that the street to the beach is an asphalt road which is not as wild and adventurous but it’s good if you’re cycling there.

Where to sleep in Cres

Camping would be the best choice to fully enjoy the beauty of nature in Cres. There are many campsites, very well organised and usually immersed in the maritime forest. However, if camping is not for you, there’s plenty of cheap accommodation, from hotels to holiday homes. With this links you can save some money:

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12 thoughts on “6 Hidden Beaches in Cres”

  1. Hi! Great post. How do you think, would it be possible to reach any of beaches you described with special needs kid on the stroller?

    1. Hi Hanna thanks for your message. I’ve walked to all those beaches and I can say that they are not easy. Some are better than others but we’re talking about narrow paths, rough terrain and some steep slopes covered in gravel and rocks that might be rather tricky.
      Have you considered reaching the beach by boat?

    2. It is impossible with a stroller even by boat. Anchoriing is done a little far from the beach and most sides are rocky. Perhaps a smaller boat could bring you right to the beach

      1. Thanks for answer. It is a pity, Meli looks so great… Boat could be too complicated with handicapped child, but anyway I hope we will finally find
        nice accessible place for us 🙂

        1. Those beaches look stunning but to be honest everywhere in Cres is great so I’m sure you’ll find a beach that is both accessible AND awesome. Let us know and enjoy your trip! 🙂

  2. Nice descriptions, however, I have one comment. Eating on one of the boats at the Blue Cave is not always an option. If the water is just a little rough the boats leave. In addition, food is usually preordered. It would be wise to bring your own food and water.

  3. Thank you for the nice spots! Just one question: Where exactly is the sandy beach of Meli? I can’t find that one!

    1. Hi Christina, thanks for your comment. You can’t find it because it’s indeed hidden 🙂 Seriously it’s pretty hard to find but if you do you’ll love it. I think on google map it’s called “Spiaggia dei 7 cancelli“, I don’t know why the name is in Italian and I’m not sure that’s the exact spot but that’s the area. The best thing to do is to ask your host or any knowledgeable local 🙂
      Let me know if you found it!

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