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Where and What to Eat in Cres

Despite the increasing number of tourists visiting it every year, Cres managed to maintain their culinary tradition nearly intact and in the restaurants is not uncommon to meet regular customer that every summer come back to taste the local delicacies.
There are both fish and seafood menus (risotto, grilled and fried seafood and fishes), but also hearty meat dishes such as the classic ćevapčići (small pork spicy sausages) and the hog roast. However the tastiest product of this island is surely the lamb: gnocchi in lamb sauce, barbecued lamb ribs, lamb roast… will surely satisfy your appetite at the end of a busy day by the sea. Unless you’re vegetarian, in this case you will have a hard time to find something more exciting than soups and salads.

Hogroast Spit roast Croatia
Vegetarians will hate me for this

Hog on the Road

For those driving along the road from Trieste or across the north of the Country, it’s impossible not to notice the spit roast proudly displayed by the road, luring customers to the annexed restaurant. You will be able to smell the hog before even seeing it. Our suggestion is to stop and treat yourself with a portion of that delicious meat.


Gostionica Belona

Ideal for: Fish and seafood, meal with drinks about 15€ per person (UPDATE: read comment below)
Šetalište 23. travnja 24, 51557 Cres, open: 9-24 | Map
Our favourite restaurant in Cres. Hidden away from the seaside and the busy town centre can be reached with a pleasant walk through the narrow alleys of the old town. The service is quick and graceful, and the food is delicious and cheap: especially the fish here is fresh and they well know how to cook it! If you’re unsure of what to order you can ask the staff (the boss will even personally show you the freshest catch), or you can trust us and get a seafood salad (55-60Kn) served in some huge monstrous shell and a seafood risotto.
The local liquor, šljivovica, is usually on the house. Either way try the honey flavoured one.

Seafood salad Cres
Great starter and mid-afternoon snack


Konoba Bukaleta

Gnocchi with Lamb. Sorry lamb but...Ideal for: Meat (lamb)
Loznati, 51557,  (7km south of Cres) Map
This place is a rural restaurant located in a quiet area surrounded by vegetation, with a big terrace for al fresco dining. It’s 7Km (4.5mi) drive from the town of Cress, on the road running south along the gulf, offering some seriously awe-inspiring panorama. It would be unforgivable to leave the Bukaleta without a taste of their famous lamb. Our favourite dishes: gnocchi with lamb followed by a mixed platter of baked and grilled lamb. All the meat is cooked with wooden fired ovens and oversized barbecues.

If all this lamb was not enough you can pay a visit to the small Lubenice restaurant, or at the lesser known Konoba Mali Bok in Orlec. A very good idea after a full day by the sea and a nice reward for the painful walk back from the beach.

Lamb with roast potatoes
Grilled and baked lamb with roast potatoes

Buffet Lubenicka Loza

Ideal for: Snacks / Beer
If you’ve been to the beach of Lubenice you know what it means to climb up the steep hill to the village, burdened by damp towels and sunburnt. Doing that on a late afternoon it’s a tough task and once you get to the top you’ll only want water. Don’t be tricked by the sellers lurking in the brush nor by the bar itself and drink at the tap placed behind a wall in the little square. A bottle of water is about 3 euros, with the same money you can get a more rewarding and refreshing beer. The food list is not encouraging and only includes few sandwiches, but if they’re not too busy you should ask for a mixed platter of cheese and meat.

Lubenice Village, Cres, Croatia
The bar is next to that church… come on, nearly there!

6 thoughts on “Where and What to Eat in Cres”

  1. Please update the prices for Belona. Been there tonight and been charged more than 30euros pp for an average fish meal (appetizer shared and two mains). I would not recommend anyone with basic knowledge (and first hand experience) in honest fish dining to spend a single kuna there. Hopefully somewhere on the island we will finf hope.

    1. Thanks for your feedback. It saddens me to read that Belona dropped in quality while raising its prices.
      I´ll probably be back there next year so I can check myself. Meanwhile I put a link to your comment in the article. Thanks again!

  2. Love your article. Although I live in Croatia, I don’t know Cres that well. I did pass through on my way to the island of Losinj. Thanks for the tips on the restaurants. I will try some of them for sure next time I visit. Food at Bukaleta looks delicious.

    1. Man, Bukaleta is delicious indeed! I don’t know whether to recommend more the lamb with gnocchi or the mix lamb platter. Make sure you’re hungry enough to get both. If you’re going from Krk to Losinj this place is kind of half way

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