Public Transport in Berlin, how to move around and how much is it for a ticket

Berlin: CityTourCard or Welcome Card?

Getting around Berlin using the public transport services is very easy, and it gets even easier if combined with a bike. The cost of a single trip ticket is €2,80 which is quite steep but it can be used for 2 hours, on any mean of transport, you can even stop for a kebab on the way as long as you keep going straight from A to B without ever going back or doing a circular route. It’s a vague definition that might open to various personal interpretation even though I wouldn’t push my luck with the ticket inspectors there. However if you’re staying a few days there are many options to save money with a multi-ticket or a travel card.

2019 ticket fares update!

Zones ABC

Berlin extension ticketThe ticket rates in Berlin are based on three geographical areas. Zones AB will include pretty much all you will need for your visit (including Tegel airport), whereas Schönefeld airport sits in zone C.
One ticket for zones ABC costs €3.40.
If you have a AB ticket or travel card you will just need to get an extension for €1.60. You will definitely impress the locals if you call it with its German name: Anschlussfahrausweis.

Short trip ticket

A nice addition to the travel options in Berlin is the ticket for short journeys. How does it work? Very simple:

  • For up to 3 stations with S-Bahn and U-Bahn or 6 stations with bus or tram
  • One ticket: €1.70
  • 4-trip ticket: €5.60

Travel Card, CityTourCard, Welcome Card

In Berlin is convenient to buy a pass covering the length of your stay: it’s good value for money and will save the pain of walking miles in order to save money for tickets. But, as it happens in any city, there’s the dilemma: which pas should I buy? Let’s try to break down the options in order to find the best solution for you. There are regular passes (travel cards) and special cards, a little more pricey but that offer special discount on many attractions:

  • Daily/Weekly pass
  • CityTourCard
  • Welcome Card

The standard travel card is the cheapest solution and will allow unlimited trips on any public transport. However there are no discounts with this card, so if you are planning many visits at museums and other activities, you should consider one of the next two cards. These are the solutions available, and the rates for zones AB:

  • 1 day: €7.00
  • 4 trips: €9.00
  • 7 days: €30.00

If you are planning on visiting museums, or taking part of guided tours and other attractions one of these two cards might be your best choice.

Berlin Citytourcard Welcomecard

The solutions offered by CityTourCard, and the costs for zone AB, are:

  • 48 hours: € 16.90
  • 72 hours: € 22.90
  • 5 days: € 29.90

The updated list of partners and discounts can be found HERE. The Welcome Card offers the same solutions, with different prices… always referred to zones AB:

  • 48 hours: € 20.00
  • 72 hours: € 24.50
  • 5 days: € 31.50

Welcome Card official website is well done and will help you selecting the most suitable option.

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