Tulips in Keukenhof park

All the Tulips of the World


The Keukenhof park is famous for being something like the biggest flower park in the world and for its coloured patterns that make it look like a painting. It’s only opened for few weeks a year and we happened to be in Amsterdam during that period.

When Martina asked me to go visit it I had only two options: take it as a punishment for some atavistic sin and simply accept it, or take it as something ridiculously funny. Since refusing the offer wasn’t listed as an option, I went for the latter.

I admittedly laughed from the moment we stepped through the gates to the moment we left. And, no, I was sober. The park was crowded, the largest group being represented by elderly people, closely followed by wild-eyed tourists. An enormous street organ was playing delirious tunes, making it all look like a suitable scene for a “Fear and Loathing” spin-off.

The tulips were really good, I mean it, see the pictures above! I’ve never thought that there could be so many different types. Not that I ever dedicated any particular time in my life thinking of tulips but the variety of shapes, sizes and colours was shocking. However my favourite entertainment was watching the people posing for pictures. Aggressive posers, relentlessly grinning while asking for “one more, just in case“, eagerly waiting for a good spot, were in such a contrast with the motionless peace of the flowers, to offer a fascinating show.

Useful information

After all this here’s something you really need to know about the park.


The park is only open for a couple of months a year between march and may. Check this page for updated opening times.


This park ain’t cheap. The entrance fees for next year aren’t out yet but expect to pay something around €15. On top of that you’ll have to add the transport.

How to get there

The park can be reached both from Schipol airport and Leiden. From there a bus line (respectively 858 and 854) will take you to the park entrance. You should expect some queue at Schipol but perhaps less in Leiden. The wisest thing to do is to buy the tickets for both the bus and the park entrance while queuing, so that you can walk straight through the gates of Keukenhof.

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