Jokulsarlon Iceberg Lagoon

Iceland Day 10: Glacier Lagoon and Vatnajokull

The land of ice and fire. We’ve been where Iceland got this glorious and ominous name, we danced between floating icebergs and gingerly drove around the large glacier concealing some of the scariest volcanoes in Europe.

Iceland Flag

Iceland day 9: Djupivogur

The short and comfortable night made for a difficult awake. We shifted the curtains with a finger to peep outside; rain. The day was not accurately planned: we had to go to Djupivogur – which was not too far away – and the only detour that we had been recommended involved quite too many miles […]

Icelandic Sheep

Iceland Day 8: Puffins and Seydisfjordur

How we ended up stuck in Seydisfjordur: steel blue see on one site, cotton white clouds on the other. Both hiding a mysterious past. But mostly our encounter with the loveliest birds ever: Puffins!

Iceland day 7: Akureyri to Seydisfjordur

We reach halfway of our trip, hitting the north-east part of the country, stopping at the lovely town of Seydisfjordur. Remote, vast and wild, this part of Iceland is of a subtle yet splendid beauty.

Iceland day 4: Road to Akureyri

Travelling from Snaefellsnes peninsula to Akureyri, we come across many interesting places and sights, but we also miss many more.

Lonely Lighthouse in Iceland

Iceland day 3: Snaefellsnes Peninsula

Exploring the Snaefellsnes peninsula gets us in touch with the real, wild Iceland. Where the nature’s power is raw, the wind is fierce and landscapes seem to belong to another planet.

Iceland day 2: Reykjavik to Grundarfjordur

As soon as we receive our 4wd we speed to the wild and green Snaefellsnes peninsula, to discover all about the rotten shark, a beautiful waterfall, pristine beaches and many more natural wonders.