City Break - Porto Like a Local

Why You Need to Visit Porto

Are you planning city break in Portugal but don’t know what to see and what to do in Porto? No problem, here you can find our best travel tips for Porto!

Tuk-tuk in LIsbon

Tuk-tuk: the most annoying thing in Lisbon?

The peaceful Moorish alleys of Lisbon are invading by stinky and noisy tuk-tuks dragging a heavy load of tourists. Is it really necessary? Is it possible to promote tourism in a city without destroying it in the process?

Abandoned restaurant in Lisbon

Food in Lisbon: Where and What to Eat

Eating well in Lisbon is a simple task but it helps to have a list of nice restaurants to try. We’ve done our best to try them all, and here’s the result

Coloured sunny tiles, Algarve

Three days in Algarve, a little break in the sun in Faro Tavira and Sagres, surrounded by colourful towns, interesting characters, great food and the ocean. Here is a selection of photos of our favourite moments

Weitd seafood in Lisbon

Cervejaria Ramiro: a Fishy Restaurant

There are many good places to eat in Lisbon, with a quality / price ratio ranking amongst the best in Europe. However we managed to find an incredibly disappointing restaurant. Find out why.