Paris Like a Local

6 top tips for exploring Paris like a local

The City of Light attracts 70 million visitors every single year, so it’s no wonder it remains at the top of many people’s travel bucket lists. But if you’re a seasoned visitor to France’s capital, you might be looking to explore Paris the way the locals see it, rather than the tourists’ view. Swathes of […]

Boot Café, best coffee in Paris

Après-midi au Marais

Art Galleries, street art, fancy cafés, jewish bakeries, gay districts and aristocratic mansions. The Marais district in Paris is an unimaginable patchwork of styles and cultures, yet incredibly harmonious. And almost tourist-free

Bike Sharing Paris

Bike Sharing in Paris: Vélib’

Visiting Paris by bike is a bliss: forget the crowded stinky metro and the confusing bus network. Hop on a Velib bicycle, the city’s bike sharing system, and enjoy Paris at its best and cheapest.

Grattifi in Lyon

Deceiving art in Lyon

Street art is not just those cool ubiquitous Banksy or other funky modern artists but it can also be tremendously elegant in a very classic form. And where else can you find this if not in France?