Grattifi in Lyon

Deceiving art in Lyon

Two years ago we drove past Lyon on our way back to England without even thinking of stopping there for few hours. If I hadn’t had the chance to visit the city again in a business trip, I would have missed a very pleasant surprise.

I expected a classical French city: the building walls covered in tiny balconies, the river flowing through, people walking with an underarm-baguette…too many stereotypes! Walking along the river my eyes were suddenly captured by some strange people standing and waving from windows and shops. Is it normal for French people to display such a friendly behaviour? I then got closer and surprisingly realized that those people were just cleverly depicted human beings, painted with the Trompe-l’œil technique. What an amazing optical illusion!!!

This kind of art is not the only one I found in Lyon. Many buildings, especially in the outskirts, present huge graffiti on the walls.

Get your eyes deceived in Lyon then!

Grattifi in Lyon

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