The land of ice and fire might sound like a cheap metaphor but it’s a rather accurate description. This is a place where the soil boils and thick glaciers work as a lid to mighty volcanoes. Created along a fissure between two tectonic plates, shaped by ice and constantly expanding, it’s a rare place where men seem to take a humble role amongst the other brave animals they share this land with, where Nature is in charge.

The Route

Our trip in Iceland lasted 14 days, and we drove nearly 4.000km on a very old Suzuki Jimny.
Here we want to share with you our route and our best tips on how to be prepared at best to the trip. You can also see our day by day reports, to read our suggestions on what to do and what to avoid in every place where we stopped. Please ask us in the comment section if you have more questions!

Day by Day




The Best of our Trip in Iceland


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