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Unfortunately the market has been closed down. But the good new is that it’s open in London now! Have you visited it yet? Let us know in the comments.

I might not be a big fan of Expo 2015 but I cannot deny that it has given a strong push Milan, for too many years a Sleeping Beauty. The city’s creativity has been bottled up until not long ago and now it finally seems that Milan is claiming its rightful role amongst the other important European cities.

Darsena: Milan city dock
The revived city dock of Darsena

One of my favourite symbols of this rebirth is the newly opened Mercato Metropolitano. Literally speaking it’s a market: part indoor part outdoor, located near Porta Genova between the charming Navigli – nightlife hotspot and bohemian haven – and the fashionable Tortona which is the epicentre of the FuoriSalone.

But Mercato Metropolitano is not just a market where locals go to buy vegetables and bread but also a place where people go to eat. There are restaurants and delicatessen where you can find freshly cooked meals, traditional food and locally sourced products.
Obviously, being in Milan, it’s plenty of places where you can have an aperitivo, including a stall run by “Rita” one of my favourite cocktail bars in Milan. The Mercato is part of a series of initiatives aimed to entertain and attract to the city centre the visitors of the main Expo out of town but, as opposed to it, the activities involve small sized producers, craftsmen and cooperatives, rather than large multinationals.

Mercato Milan Bread
The cost of bread varies by its age

In line with the main theme of Expo 2015, and essentially with the Italian attitude around food and wine, there are daily events ranging from cooking classes to wine tasting, which are regularly posted on their facebook page. And while the warm season lasts there will be an outdoor cinema.
The movies are mostly in Italian, and the information about the events is a bit flaky, but this come with the traditional Italian package doesn’t it?

On top of all this what matters more of this Mercato Metropolitano is that it is a place where finally the locals can meet their European and International counterparts, not only physically amongst the stalls, but on a higher cultural level.

How to Reach Mercato Metropolitano

The address is Via Valenza, 2.
Coming from the city centre you can find the Mercato at the end of a pleasant stroll along Corso di Porta Ticinese or Corso Genova or a short bike ride on the wobbly pebbles (there’s a BikeMi station nearby).
The closest tube station is Porta Genova (MM2) or you can take the tram no. 9, 16, 19 or the historical line 2 passing by the Sempione park, cutting through the city centre and running along the Naviglio Grande. For more info check my article on public transport in Milan.

Opening times

Monday to Thursday 11:00am – 12:00pm
Friday 11:00am – 02:00am
Saturday 09:00am – 02:00am
Sunday 09:00 – 12:00pm

all photos by Ylbert Durishti

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