Newsletter no.1: Myanmar, Milan and Bike Sharing

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The Magic of Myanmar

Myanmar, formerly know as Burma, is a distant land, not just in terms of space but also time and culture. Unlike its neighbours Thailand and Vietnam, Myanmar has been sealed off for decades and only recently opened up, revealing a new meaning for the word exotic. Read our stories…

Milan, not only #Expo2015

Known as the capital of fashion, the most industrious and rich city in Italy, Milan is now under the world’s limelight for the International Exhibition.

But what is really Milan? Behind its stern, aristocratic, façade the city is hiding a genuine, pulsating heart, which is shared only with those willing to make an effort to reach it out… read our guide

Bike Sharing: Alternative, Cheap, Sustainable

Cycling has been finally recognised as the coolest way to move around the city. Not only: it’s also the cheapest and often the fastest. Not to mention the benefits it brings to environment and fitness.

Bike Sharing is taking this to the social level – allowing everyone, occasional users, temporary visitors – to benefit of the pleasures of cycling. Here’s how to use the bile rental schemes in London, Milan, Vienna…. read our guide

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