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Mercato Metropolitano Milano

Mercato Metropolitano is the best expression of the spirit Milan: cool and trendy, strongly Italian but fully European. And mostly focused on food. If you’re visiting Expo2015 you can’t miss this.

Pizzeria Spontini Milano

Fast Food in Milan: Quality and Taste

A quick lunch while visiting Milan doesn’t have to be junk food. From pizza al trancio to fried goodies, there are lots of options for fast and good food

Hostel Milan Ostello Bello

3 Great Places in Milan to hang out

There are a few really cool places that we love to regularly visit in Milan. They’re quite eclectic and we found it difficult to categorize them. Yes, we go there for food but we couldn’t fit them in our article on the restaurants in Milan as they’re way more than just a restaurant. Let’s find […]

Risotto ristorante milano

Restaurants in Milan: Good and Cheap

Milan is full of restaurant but finding one that meets the two basic requirements: good and cheap, is not that simple. If you walk in the city centre, holding your city guide you’re pretty hopeless and the chances of being ripped off for some basic meal you would find at your local Italian franchising restaurant […]