Why Kentish Town is the Best

It might be a bit of a statement but Kentish Town is undoubtedly a great area to visit and to live to. And I’ve got a few reasons for that! Parks, cafes, restaurants and, obviously, pubs!

The Deptford Ride

From the pirates of Deptford to the legendary Thames Barrier, through a range of interesting and tourist-free areas. A nice bike ride along the Thames Path.

The Dublin Castle, Camden Town, London

Pubs in Camden: The Rough Side

While the real Camden seems to be fading away it’s actually just hiding. Here’s some of my favourite old school Camden pubs

Coloured cities

10 Cities in Technicolor

Burano, Valparaiso and many more. Come and see the pictures of the most eye-watering places we’ve travelled to. Have you visited them? Which is your favourite?

Black Cat London

Of Phoenix and London

There are moments when you need to get out of London, when the chaotic streets, the noise, the people and the smells become too overwhelming. Fortunately you don’t need to leave town, but you can have a quick fix at one of the numerous green areas, some of which are very small and hidden. I’m […]