Best international food in Sheffield

Ethnic Restaurants in Sheffield: Our Favourites

Not just chip butty in the Steel City! This is where like to eat the best international food in town, from the European classics to the most exotic cuisines. The foodie scene in Sheffield keeps getting more exciting!

Tips for a Visit to Rome

Some useful tips for your visit in Rome: where to sleep where to eat, how to move around and how to save money!

Pizzeria Spontini Milano

Fast Food in Milan: Quality and Taste

A quick lunch while visiting Milan doesn’t have to be junk food. From pizza al trancio to fried goodies, there are lots of options for fast and good food

Pizza bufalina LondonSanta Maria

Pizza in London: my Top 5 + 1

London is a place where you can eat pizza as good as if you were in Italy, but how can you be sure to find a proper pizzeria and not a fake one?

Seafood salad Cres

Where and What to Eat in Cres

Well… fish and seafood obviously. But not just that. And where can you get the most tasty and authentic food without being ripped off by touristy restaurants?

Risotto ristorante milano

Restaurants in Milan: Good and Cheap

Milan is full of restaurant but finding one that meets the two basic requirements: good and cheap, is not that simple. If you walk in the city centre, holding your city guide you’re pretty hopeless and the chances of being ripped off for some basic meal you would find at your local Italian franchising restaurant […]