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London – Luton Airport and Back

Luton airport is probably the least used, even if I haven’t ran a proper survey… Located roughly 30 odds miles North London can be reached easily with the regular train service.

If you’re driving there remember that you have to pay a small fee (£1) to get in front of the airport. Make it clear also with the driver, in case you are getting there with a minicab, as some of them would either charge you that fee extra, or drop you in the free-of-charge zone. Not cool if you’re a tad late!


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In this case the bus is not quite the cheapest way to the airport. National Express charges £15 each way and it’s not even quick: in rush hours it might take 1h45′ to get there. A cheaper option is surely the Terravision, many Ryanair flights sell tickets for this company at an even lower price.

The bus is a viable option if you travel very late at night or if you’re staying near Victoria Coach Station. This station is nearly 10 minutes walk from the tube and bus station, you’ll find it walking down Buckingham Palace Road. Here’s the map: Victoria Coach Station, SW1W 9TP .

If you’re quite confident on your arrival time or on your way to the airport you might consider EasyBus. A little, but  very fast, minibus, that can be enjoyed at incredibly low rates if booked in advance: they claim £2 one way tickets. You don’t necessarily have to fly Easyjet to take this bus, but their stop is in Baker Street, not far from the Sherlock Holmes statue.


The train station is not very close to the airport, however from there a shuttle bus (included in the train ticket price) will take you to the airport in 5 minutes. When you buy the ticket you need to choose the third of these options: “Luton, Luton Airport Parkway, Luton Airport”, which includes the shuttle from the train station (Parkway) to the airport. Make sure you get off at Luton Airport Parkway, and not at Luton, which is the station for the town.

The transfer takes about 50 minutes (train + shuttle bus). The airport is also serve by the line that runs between Bedford and Brighton, stopping at London Thameslink stations such as Blackfriars and West Hampstead.

For time tables and bookings: To know more about the best ways to save money, read the article about getting around Britain on the cheap.


A taxi can be a good option for late night transfers or for groups of 3/4 people. The wisest thing to do is to ask the reception or whoever is hosting you, for the best local taxi companies. The price for a door-to-door transfer should be around £50 form the city centre.

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