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London – Stansted Airport and Back

Stansted airport is located in Essex, 37 miles drive from central London, and it’s really well connected. It’s a busy airport, probably the favourite destination of low cost flights. For this reason is quite likely that you’ll be landing there late at night or that you need to be there before dawn. For this reason is better to plan the city transfer a bit in advance.

London – Stansted by:



Stansted Express

The quickes link between London and Stansted is the Stansted Express ( high speed train connecting the airport with Liverpool Street Station in just 45 minutes, and only one stop in Tottenham Hale. It’s better to book it in advance on the website as it comes much cheaper, you’ll also get warned about possible rail works taking usually place on sundays. The return ticket is a lot cheaper than two one ways.

To know more about the best ways to save money, read the article about getting around Britain on the cheap.


If you’re travelling at some stupid hour of the night or you prefer to save money over time, then the ideal choice is the bus.

The buses are parked outside, on your right as you leave the airport reaching the outside parking lot. You can buy a ticket on the spot, choosing the company the leaves first, or buy it in advance. In this case you might have to wait for your specific bus, sadly looking at other busses going to London while you sit miserable in the dark in a bus station. Also make sure that the bus goes to a station that’s convenient for you: Victoria Coach Station or Liverpool Street Station.

If you’re quite confident on your arrival time or on your way to the airport you might consider EasyBus. A little, but  very fast, minibus, that can be enjoyed at incredibly low rates if booked in advance. You don’t necessarily have to fly Easyjet to take this bus, but their stop is in Baker Street, not far from the Sherlock Holmes statue.

[box type=”info”] If you have a Terravision coach ticket please note that their stop is located outside Stansted airport, and it’s connected to the departure terminal via a shuttle bus. I haven’t tried yet but there are lots of complaints online and it takes much longer than the 75 minutes quoted on their site.[/box]


A taxi can be a good option for late night transfers or for groups of 3/4 people. The wisest thing to do is to ask the reception or whoever is hosting you, for the best local taxi companies. When I was living in Manor House I used to pay £35 for a door-to-door service, not bad!

Sleeping rough in Stansted

I’ve already checked all the accommodation offers around Stansted and none of them is cheap. So, unless you find some good deal, the cheapest place to sleep is inside the airport. Not a luxury stay though: there are no comfortable seats, so the only option is the floor, which you will have to share with many other rough sleepers and buzzing cleaning carts.

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