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Night Tube in London: Finally!

Those who live in London or have spent a night out during a holiday, know what it means to take a night bus. A slow journey of drunks and weirdos along the dark tired streets, silences broken by the occasional cry or the tinny music leaking from the headphones of the guy passed out next to you. But it’s a reliability, the certainty that, wherever you are at any point of the night, you’ll make it back home. Background of some of the best stories to tell at the pub and source of uncomfortable silence with the friends who came to London to visit me.

Night Tube Service

Having worked in a hostel I know that, understandably, people spending little time in London might not be familiar enough with the bus system, thus relying on the tube, with its notorious map and the stops clearly indicated. So far this had put a brake to the nocturnal ambitions of most visitors, being forced to return by midnight. But no longer.

Finally, after some tube strikes and delays the night service has started in august 2016

Night Tube Map
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Night Tube FAQ

When does the Tube run 24-hours?

The Tube will run all night on Friday and Saturday.

Which lines will run at night?

  • Jubilee line
  • Victoria line
  • Central line
  • Piccadilly line
  • Northern Line

There will be a train every 10 minutes all night long on these 5 lines. Some little branches off the end of the lines won’t be server but if you are interested in zones 1-3 you won’t have problems. If you’re going to Heathrow there is no service for the Terminal 4.

How much does the Night Tube cost?

We will charge standard off-peak fares for travelling on the Night Tube.

Quoting the official TfL statement there won’t be any extra charge, you can use your Oyster Card or Travelcard as if it was during the day. If you have a Day Travelcard it will be valid until 04:30. Which means that your last trip must start before 04:30 of the night after the day of validity. The same applies to daily capping on Oyster Cards and contactless cards.

Read more about Oyster Cards and daily cappings

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