Best international food in Sheffield

Ethnic Restaurants in Sheffield: Our Favourites

Not just chip butty in the Steel City! This is where like to eat the best international food in town, from the European classics to the most exotic cuisines. The foodie scene in Sheffield keeps getting more exciting!

Sheffield breweries: the tap

Booze and brews made in Sheffield

Sheffield is an industrious city. You can never get bored drinking beers made in the Steel City, but also coffee roasters and local tea.

Upshot Espresso Café Sheffield

Best Coffee in Sheffield

The Steel City doesn’t only offer great music, male strippers and cheap bacon butties. If you happen to be in town you can get some amazing coffee in these great cafes.

Old theatre in Sheffield

Haunted Cinema

Visiting a place abandoned for years is like travelling back in time. Come with us in this old theatre in Sheffield, and meet the ghosts of times long gone