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Best Coffee in Sheffield


The Steel City is famous for many things but surely coffee is not on this list. However the amount of cafes brewing outstanding coffee in the space of Sheffield‘s tiny centre is remarkable. Here are my favourite coffee spots:


9 Westfield Terrace, S1 4GH
149 Arundel Street, S1 2NU

This is the place that brought the New Zealand café culture in Sheffield. The first place opened in Westfield Terrace, just off West Street, while a larger version is a post-industrial café on Arundel Street, not far from the railway station.
Their coffee can be usually made with two choices of beans and is served in all sort of manners, included AeroPress and cold brew. The chefs here are seriously skilled and they host a food&cocktails event every Friday night.

Flat White: £2.20
Beans: Ozone Coffee Roasters


Tamper Café


The Plaza, 8 Fitzwilliam St, S1 4JB

The smallest café with the smallest prices. For some reason these guys have the cheapest price list I’ve seen in the UK and their coffee is disproportionately good. It’s a bit hidden within the retail area of West One, next to Devonshire Green and it’s worth a visit and while you sip your espresso they can design your logo upstairs… or you can flip through their magazines if you’re less ambitious than that.

Flat White: £1.90
Beans: Pollards Coffee (see below)

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Steam Yard

Aberdeen Court, 95-101 Division St, S1 4GN

Located in a yard off Division Street, shared with a party dress shop and a tattoo parlour, this is a great place for a coffee break. They make the coffee – on a beautiful La Marzocco – with scientific precision and have a good selection of pastries. I never leave the place without ordering a Steve McQueen, which is their special offer: coffee + doughnut =£3

Flat White: £2.30
Beans: Square Mile

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Upshot Espresso

355 Glossop Rd, S10 2HP

If you fancy venturing up the climb of Glossop road you will be rewarded but one of the best flat white in town. Coffee culture is up to eleven in this lovely orange and wood panel café. Reliably great coffee, good food (they sell the insanely good doughnuts by Eve. Ask for the vanilla flavour, thanks me later), and they often do coffee tasting.

Flat White: £2.50

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Flat white, pain au chocolat, orange juice at the Forge Bakery

Marmadukes Cafe Deli

22 Norfolk Row, S1 2PA

Luckily Sheffield’s city centre doesn’t reflect the desolation of other similar towns in the UK and offer more than just a handful of retail and coffee chains. Marmadukes is undoubtedly the best choice for coffee if you happen to be there, all the more enjoyable in the rustic-chic rooms, and the choices for lunch are great.

Flat White: £2.40

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Special mentions

I wanted to keep my list to 5 places where I exclusively go for their coffee but I cannot help mentioning few other important coffee spots:

Seven Hills Bakery

232 Sharrow Vale Rd, S11 8ZP
I mostly go there for fruit&veg shopping, and for their fresh bakery products, but I often indulge to their Monmouth flat white. Also you should keep their twitter checked for their special pizza nights!

Forge Bakery

302 Abbeydale Road, S7 1FL
Pretty new bakery on Abbeydale road. They sell baked products and serve delicious dishes. The coffee is amazing, as a matter of fact they are using the same beans as Upshot Espresso and use a La Marzocco machine.


220-226 Abbeydale Rd, S7 1FL
When I feel nostalgic I take a trip to this lovely cafè-deli shop in Abbeydale Road for a cappuccino. Their paninis are also worth the effort (assuming that you live quite far and have to cycle a hill or two to get there).


627 Ecclesall Rd, S11 8PT
If I went to a café each time I craved a coffee I would be a very heavily indebted man. I make most of my brews at home, grinding the beans I buy from Pollards, a lovely little shop selling fine beans and teas on Ecclesall road.

2 thoughts on “Best Coffee in Sheffield”

    1. Hi Rob, sadly I haven’t tried all coffees in Sheffield but I’m working on it 🙂
      Let’s say I tend to favour places that offer specific coffee blends, putting some research in the beans and in the coffee-making technique, and this is reflected in my list. I understand that Remo’s uses Caffè Vero, right? Anyway I’ll check it out and will give you my feedback!

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