Sheffield breweries: the tap

Booze and brews made in Sheffield

Sheffield Breweries

In the Kelham Island museum there is a reconstruction of the original factory pub, with a sign reading a government issued warning about the health risk connected with water, hence suggesting to drink beer “the healthy choice”. Under such premises it’s not surprising that people in Sheffield not only love to drink their beer but also love to brew it themselves.

Sheffield breweries: the tap
The Tap Brewery

Kelham Island Brewery

Let’s start from Kelham Island, home to the legendary Fat Cat Pub, in which garden the first independent brewery in town in almost a century was opened. If you don’t know where to start from order a Pale Rider, thank me later.

Abbeydale Brewery

In most pubs in Sheffield you can find the ubiquitous Moonshine, one of the most popular ales of this little brewery, but if you want to be sure to taste the whole range you should head to the Devonshire Cat, their pub in Wellington Street.

The Tapped Brew @ the Sheffield Tap

Get off the train at Sheffield station, walk 10 steps and you are already in a pub. How considerate is that?
In this beautiful station pub not only they serve many beers from local breweries – including those mentioned above – but they also sell their own. In fact they refurbished the beautiful Edwardian First Class dining room to host some tables for punters and a copper showcase brewery that you can actually see at work few times a week.

Coffee and Tea

I’ve already spoken about the best cafes in Sheffield, but what about coffee made in Sheffield? I’m not talking about coffee plantations being grown in the Winter Gardens, but about small companies that carefully select beans and toast them for your benefit.

Coffee Sheffield: Twin Cafe

Twin Cafe

These guys are all about fair-trade and sustainable business. The coffee beans are imported directly from a small co-operative in Estelí, Nicaragua, which is Sheffield’s twin city, keeping the supply chain short and simple. Farmers are paid a fair price and profits are used to invest in social enterprises, in both the cities involved. This makes their coffee taste even better!
You can buy it online or if you want a taste first you should visit their pop up café in Union St, every Friday.

Foundry Coffee Roaster

This family owned business based in the heart of Sheffield imports ethically sourced coffee from the four corners of the world to roast it on order in town. This means that when you order your coffee, they roast it and deliver it even before it’s ready to use (it takes a few days to settle after roasting). That’s the very definition of fresh.
You can buy online or find it at the Porter Brook Deli, where they can grind it too.

Tea in Sheffield: Birdhouse


A tea-drinking city like Sheffield could not miss on having its own tea company. Here comes Birdhouse a family-run tea shop with an experience in the field that stretches years back and as far as Japan. They offer a vast range of loose leaf teas, including a collection inspired by Sheffield and one by the Peak District. You can purchase on the online shop or, even better, visit them at their pretty shop in Nether Edge.

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