Best international food in Sheffield

Ethnic Restaurants in Sheffield: Our Favourites

Inspired by my friend’s adventures in London, recorded in the unmissable account Cuisines of London, I started writing a list of my favourite ethnic restaurants in Sheffield. The steel city has changed a lot recently and it’s food offer seems to have improved not only in quality but also in variety. We’ve done our best to run through the globe, one dish at the time, and here’s our verdict.

Italian Food Sheffield

Italian Restaurants

I’m playing on my own turf here, which on one hand gives me quite a lot of experience to make my judgement on, while on the other hand made me quite lazy: most of the time I like my italian food at home, for this reason I haven’t visited many restaurants.


270 Sharrow Vale Rd, Sheffield S11 8ZH
A small establishment in the pretty setting of Sharrow Vale Road, that serves some incredible food. The family running the place is from Sardinia and they mostly follow their tradition. Another plus is that they source their ingredients locally, I can confirm that I’ve seen Mario shopping for vegetables at the nearby Seven Hills.


261 Fulwood Rd, Sheffield S10 3BD
When this place opened it was a great relief: I no longer had to go to London any time I wanted a pizza. They choose their ingredients and pizzaioli carefully and the result is fantastic: a perfect Neapolitan pizza with a thick dough rim.

Indian Food Sheffield Ashoka

Indian Restaurant


307 Ecclesall Rd, Sheffield S11 8NX
Ashoka was the first Indian restaurant we tried in Sheffield and we never left them. Out of curiosity we tried a few others but there’s no match. Their food is tasty but easy to digest, each dish is distinctively different than the other and the combinations are enough to keep you coming back forever.
The locale is small (reservation highly recommended, especially on weekends!) and very pretty, the décor makes the food even more enjoyable. The manager and the staff are very friendly and always available for suggestions on what to order. I would give you my personal favourites but I’m afraid the list is too long!


Dim Sum Sheffield

Chinese Restaurants

You’ll be spoiled for choices in Sheffield when it comes to Chinese food. I can’t say I have a favourite but these four made my shortlist.

Noodle Inn

Alley Way, 156 London Rd, Sheffield S2 4LT
One of the many restaurants in vibrant London Road, this is our favourite for dim sum and dumplings. But, honestly, anything they do is extremely good!

Soya Express

44 Union St, Sheffield S1 2JP
Tucked away in Union street this little white take-away with tables, surrounded by building sites, might not be the most inviting place. Avoiding it would be a mistake because they make the best homemade noodles in town. Whatever you order ask for the noodles!

Wa Ding

The Plaza, Fitzwilliam St, Sheffield S1 4JB
If you’re in the city centre and fancy a good Chinese lunch this is the place for you. A canteen located above a grocery shop, and always populated by Chinese students (good sign). Self-service and informal, Wa Ding offer some unusual solutions of single-course meals. It’s right in front of Ink & Water, one of the best coffees in Sheffield.

Best Sushi in Sheffield

Japanese Restaurant


24, High Court Chambers, 26 High Ct, Sheffield S1 2EP
This is not even a restaurant but a hole in the wall so well hidden it took me a while to find. They do take away and they can also delivery. They make the sushi on the spot and it’s some of the highest quality Japanese food I’ve ever tried.

Best Turkish food in Sheffield

Turkish Restaurants


146 London Rd, Sheffield S2 4LT
There are two Zeugma placed at the beginning of London Road, equally good. The ambience is cosy and informal in both restaurants even though we slightly prefer Zeugma Iki, the one with the blue sign.
I recommend to start any meal with a lahmacun, a very thin pizza covered with lamb mince sauce, which goes very well with the Turkish salad.

Coming from Green Lanes in London I’m very spoiled when it comes to Turkish restaurants, so trust me when I say that Zeugma’s meat is top quality!

Vietnamese Food Sheffield

Vietnamese Restaurants

Five Rivers Coffee Co.

215-219 Fulwood Rd, S10 3BA and Cutlery Works – 73 – 101 Neepsend Lane, S3 8AT
This is a very interesting place to visit. More an informal cafe than a traditional restaurant, it’s great for a brunch with a twist. You can build your own bánh mì or pho, or go for their brit-viet breakfast mash-up. I suggest you try their filter coffee but, just so you know, they’re fully licensed.

Saigon 68

175 London Rd, Sheffield S2 4LH
For a more traditional dining experience this is one of my favourite places. Located on London Road, a vibrant area for exotic delicacies, serves all you can expect from a Vietnamese restaurant, most of all enormous bowls of delicious pho.



Georgian Food Sheffield

Georgian Restaurant

Ella’s Cafe

655 Ecclesall Rd, Sheffield S11 8PT
Quite an unusual cuisine to find here. This unassuming cafe near Hunters Bar, serves regular fry-ups during the day but on Friday and Saturday night it turns into a Georgian restaurant serving up a multiple courses menu. The names of the dishes can be confusing but the kind owners are more than happy to explain.

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