Old theatre in Sheffield

Haunted Cinema

Once I noticed an old cinema in Abbeydale Road  (Sheffield, UK), I stopped outside to take few pictures of that ruined building, representing the time in which theatres and cinemas used to be the only entertainment.  Several weeks later, the main door was open and I bravely stepped inside. You can image the surprise when my eyes got used to the feeble light with floating dust… I’d never been inside an abandoned cinema before. Old ornaments, peeled wallpaper, wooden uncomfortable seats, everything covered in years of oblivion. A refurbishment has just started and the cinema is going to be converted in a climbing centre. Since it is declared as a listed building, the original structure will be maintained but, if not, I’d like to save its memory with these pictures.

2 thoughts on “Haunted Cinema”

  1. Franca, thanks for your comment. I’d suggest you to visit the cinema in the next few weeks, before it completely changes.
    The door is always open when men work inside for the refurbishment and they are pleased to let you come in and visit it! 🙂

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