Morocco on the road

Follow us in Morocco through this gallery…get yourself immersed in the Blue City, lost in the labyrinthine Souq in Fes,  frozen on the mountain chains of the Atlas and soaked in the desert sand. Morocco boasts of merging in the same land so many different sights, its variety will astonishes you.


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I don't only take pictures, I also write sometimes! Well, I mainly take pictures 🙂

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  1. michaelaporAl /

    Hello! I have been in Morocco twice and I recommend you to visit Casablanca, it is not very touristic and you can get a good vision of the live there 🙂

    • Hi Michael, thanks for your suggestion. We only spent few hours in Casablanca before our flight but we’ll stay there longer next time!

  2. Wow, I’m stunned…
    I really like the ones in Chefchaouen. How was the food ? Delicious, I bet.
    I’m goind to Marrakech/Volubilis/Rabat in October and I can’t wait to go there !

  3. Lovely photos! We haven’t been to Morocco yet but it’s high on our list and it looks beautiful!
    If you like photography, we would like to invite you to participate in the next edition of our Travel Photography Competition. Every week we publish 3 winning shots on our website and write a nice bio with a link to the photographers’ websites/FB/Flickr pages.
    Find more details here:
    Happy travels!

  4. Wow! These photos are stunning and they make me want to visit Morocco even more. I might reconsider my next detonations after having seen these incredible shots, thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • Thanks Franca! Are you planning to go there? Feel free to ask us if you need some suggestion on where to go and what to do. I can say, on behalf of Martina as well, that Chefchaouen is not to be missed. Probably the Blue City was the highlight of our trip…well one of the highlights!

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